Mexican Poker Rules

Earn tickets SUNDAY - THURSDAY

Drawings on SATURDAYS

• 6PM-11PM: $50 drawings every hour • Midnight: $250 Seated players earn tickets every hour


• Mexican poker consists of 41 card deck (including 1 joker) • 8, 9, 10’s are excluded from the deck. • Joker is wild in all cases when dealt face down, however, when dealt face up, the joker will be considered an Ace or complete straight or flushes. • Betting will consist of 1 bet, 3 raises. • Winners will be determined with the best 5 card poker hand. • Hand Rankings, lowest to highest: o High Card o 1 Pair o 2 Pair o 3 of a kind o Straight (A-5 is considered the lowest straight, 7-A is considered Highest Straight) o Full House o Flush o Straight Flush o Royal Flush (7, J, Q, K, A – Suited)

Dealing Procedures

1. Start of a new game, Dealer Button will always start from seat #1. 2. All players are required to ante prior to the deal. 3. The deal will start after the button. 4. First card is dealt up, Second Card is dealt face down. Once the deal is completed, action will start with the first highest card after the dealer button. (suits will not determine who starts the action) 5. Betting will start after the initial deal is completed, optional betting rounds will be after 3rd street, 4th street, and 5th street. 6. After the first deal is completed Highest Card will open to the small bet (ex. 4/8 limit - $4 will be the opening bet) o Player who opens has the option to open to the small bet or increase the bet to the Big Bet $8 o For that street, if the big bet has been established, the big bet must remain until the next card is dealt. (ex. Seat 1 opens to 4, seat 2 raises to 12, remaining players must bet in increments of 8) 7. A card will be burned after initial deal has been completed. 8. 3rd street – Dealer will burn, and start the dealing procedure after the dealer button. The dealer will pause to ask the player if he/she would like the card to be dealt UP or DOWN. o The player must have 1 down card at all times until it is time to determine a winner. o After 3rd street, high hand will start the action. Betting is optional. 9. Initial deal and 3rd street will start with the Small Bet 10. 4th and 5th street will be the Big Bet 11. If the down card on the initial deal is flashed or inadvertently dealt up by the dealer, a misdeal will be declared. 12. If cards on the initial deal is out of sequence, a misdeal will be declared. 13. If any card being dealt on 3rd, 4th, or 5th street is exposed by the dealer, after requesting to be dealt face down, the player will have an option to go “all in” and no additional betting will be required by that player. The remaining players will have the option to bet, and will create a side pot. If the joker is inadvertently exposed, it will play as if it had been dealt face down and will be considered wild. 14. Check and Raise is permitted. ​

Note: No purchase necessary. Play responsibly. Gambling problem call 1-800-Gambler. GEGR-001655