Fortune Pai Gow Poker® Progressive

Fortune Pai Gow Poker® Progressive adds a twist to Fortune Pai Gow Poker. In addition to head-to-head play against the player/dealer, you may also make the optional Fortune Bonus and progressive side bets.

How to Play

You make your standard pai gow poker bet. You may also bet the Fortune Bonus and progressive side bets. The house dealer will then give you seven cards. The Fortune Bonus and progressive bets use all seven cards to determine winning hands. See paytable for odds.

If your Fortune Bonus bet qualifies for payouts, the player/dealer pays you according to the posted paytable. The top hands trigger envy bonuses. If any player at the table hits one of these hands, all players who made at least a $5 Fortune Bonus side bet wins an envy bonus. See paytable for odds. You cannot win envy bonuses on your hand or the dealer’s hand.


The progressive wager qualifies you for payouts from the progressive paytable. See paytable for odds.

Note: RK1061-06REVC

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